America’s Secret Role in the Rwandan Genocide – Summary

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Within months, hundreds of thousands of Rwandan Tutsi’s were massacred by Hutus.  They chose simple ways of murder, such as machete, clubs, and fire.  The genocide itself is often compared to the holocaust and Hitlers way of thinking.  In both situations, acts of genocide were carried out against a specific belief and prejudice.

Yet the most important ingredient to the destructive killing was terror.  Their hatred and events leading up to the genocide led to one of the most brutal mass killings in history.

The RPF originated in the 1960’s, consisting of Tutsi refugees who had fled their country.  Before that, they had formed the elite level of the social caste system.  These “elite” would force the Hutus to work on their land and treated them like donkeys.  This caused the start of a simmering anger, which eventually burst forward in 1962 causing many Tutsi’s to flee.

Some Tutsi’s picked up a life of farming and joined the Ugandan people.  When Obote returned to power in the 1980s, he stripped the Ugandan Tutsi’s of their rights and ordered them to go to refugee camps or back into Rwanda, eliminating the choice of a happy and simple life.  This not only effected the Tutsis, but reminded the Hutus of the fear they had of the possible onslaught from Tutsi refugees.  Yet every attack made from outside Tutsi’s was fought back and only worsened the conditions for the Tutsi’s still inside of Rwanda.

In 1990, Rebels planned to cross over from Uganda and into Rwanda.  The president was at a Unicef conference in New York City at the time but called to make the statement that he did not support it.

For the next few years, Ugandan armies continually supplied Kagame, the senior officer in the army and the RPF, and his soldiers with supplies.



-What caused the RPF refugees to flee in the first place?

-What was the “straw that broke the camels back” for the Hutu outburst in 1962?

-How many characteristics did you need to be classified either as a Hutu or Tutsi?

-How was the journalist, Lawrence, going about so freely?

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