Latcho Drom Summary

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This movie was originally filmed in 1933.  It consists of a lot of singing and dancing Romany’s as they move from India to Spain.  They gradually start their musical numbers each time, with the movie focusing on specific sounds each of the daily tasks is making, whether that be metalwork or pottery.  At that point, women with excessive jewelry join in and start jingling to add to it.  When they are not singing, it shows what they do in every day life.  One strange thing they did, was paint the bulls horns orange.  There are a lot of cute animals in this movie that they travel with.  I believe there is some kind of engagement going on, because a women sings of how attractive her fiance is before the normal singing kid picks back up on the solo.  Then they stop to camp for the night and sit around a fire where a man literally goes crazy with his singing and dancing skills.  I believe the man singing is trying to serenade women because he mentions needing them in his bed and so forth.  They then wake up the next morning, keep moving, and get to some town.  The buildings have domed roofs similar to mosques.  Now they have a lot more instruments and little finger symbols which are cool.  A boy spies on a woman while she dances on a table and they run through some fields.  It seems that these people live a very exciting life, moving from place to place.  Not all of their songs have any words or meaning at all, but they all have fun no matter what.  I think we could all learn a little something from the joy of the Romany people as they travel to an unknown place.

Update: The total womanizer comes back and makes yet another appearance as a solo singer.  Except this time he gets to step in time and dance with a woman.


SO MACY JUST DROPPED SOME NEWS –> Maybe its generations of these people as they progress and move through the world but shows that music still has a really big influence on their life because it is something they are raised with.  Pretty cool.  IN FACT, these children working on the streets use music to make money.  That can be to attract buyers so you can polish their shoes or to sell flowers.  Cool.

They start playing with a bear? What? I mean it was cute but that’s kinda stupid.

OOH the little boy totally has a crush on the little girl.

Some guy Al Tikriti knew was in this movie and he plays the clarinet.  And now there is a man playing the violin for a little boy but he sounds like he’s kinda hurting the violin.

This movie changes scenes and locations a lot so it is definitely a challenge but interesting to follow.  Overall it was rather enjoyable to sit and dance to the music while they played it.  I honestly really liked how the music brought the entire community together, no matter how old you were.


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